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The 5 Best Midsize Sport Sedans

Practical, family-friendly cars that are great fun to drive

Some say that midsize sedans will soon be the best-selling automotive segment. Almost like back in the day, when a car was just a car, and families made them work for everything they did.

But not quite. Today a car might be all-wheel drive so it can go in the snow, and it might have rear seats that fold down and open up to the trunk, providing cargo space from the rear bumper to the front seatbacks. All the while performing like a big sports car. Try doing all that with your family sedan from the Fifties, or Nineties for that matter.

Motor Press Guild recently gathered 91 cars and trucks for two days of driving and track testing. These 5 midsize sports sedans were all so good we could have easily declared a five-way tie for first place.
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