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5 sensible cars for volatile times

Priced around $20,000, these cars stand out as the frugal five

Okay people, everyone's worried about the economy. But we can't just lock up in fear and stop buying altogether or things will just get worse. We owe it to ourselves - and the world economy - to keep the wheels of industry turning. It is wise to be financially responsible, of course, so it's probably best to focus on sensible and affordable products.

With that in mind, we asked veteran automotive journalist Sam Moses to pick the cars he would buy for himself in times like these. Sam drives more than 80 new cars every year and he has put together a list of the five best that cost around $20,000 and are rated by the EPA as getting more than 22 miles per gallon combined city/highway. These are all safe and economical cars, with great all-around utility. Plus, they have that new car smell!
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