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Top 5 All-Wheel-Drive Sedans

All-Wheel-Drive is the perfect solution for safe winter driving

We've seen record-breaking snow this winter. If you live in any state other than Texas or the Deep South, you might encounter snow or ice. In snow you need traction, but maybe you don't need or want an SUV. Enter the all-wheel-drive sedan.

AWD is a great value, usually adding only $2000 or less to the price, while taking away just one mpg.

With winter tires and AWD, you can navigate unplowed streets with confidence. AWD also offers increased safety, because it affords more control on any slick surface, such as rain-soaked roads. Sensors feel slipping at any wheel, and modulate power or braking accordingly. All modern AWD systems communicate with electronic stability control to make magic with grip.

There are many good all-wheel-drive sedans, but we've chosen five that we feel give buyers the most for their money.
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